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New Site Still Being Built!

In the future this will be a Membership ONLY section where qualified investors, producers, distributors, foreign sales agents, agents, personal managers and other industry qualified professionals will be able to click on a particular reading and after agreeing to a license statement, they will be able to request by E-Mail a copy of the DVD or VHS with the Screenplay or download the entire Reading through a choice of Streaming Media, Video Attachable File which can be written to their DVD rewriteable drive for viewing wherever they would like in order to consider backing or taking on the movie or to download an Audio version which they could listen to or write to their CD rewriteable drive. 

Some of the Readings currently available are:

Back Again - A Comedy about Reincarnation most closely similar to Groundhog Day.

Double Date - A Romantic Love Story about resolving past emotional ties in order to be whole and available to your Current Love. 

Parrish the Thought - A Love Story about a man reassessing his priorities in Life.

Copy of Screenplay Reading for ONLY $46.

As Soon As you Pay on-line with your credit card on our Secured Server, you get an E-Mail receipt which you Forward to info@screenplayreadinggroup.com with your request, listing the title of the potential Movie, the format you want the Reading delivered on DVD/VHS and verifiable information demonstrating that you are a qualified potential backer of a Movie and stating you will not use the Filmed Reading in any way other than to seek backing for the Movie or purchase of the Screenplay.  You will then print out this request and mail it to MSRG, P.O. Box 1091, Pacific Palisades, CA  90272. 

The cost to download Readings in the future will be less once this site is complete.


Send E-Mail to info@screenplayreadinggroup.com addressing it to Webmaster, with comments about this web site.
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Last modified: June 10, 2002