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 Can I Do It Myself
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Sure you can. 

Just hire the crew, rehearse it, direct it, shoot it, edit it and let the Industry know about it through a Broadcast E-Mail that you put together and find out if it costs you any less.

And the Actors in our Group are some of the Best you can find in the World.  We can say that without reservation.   

At $3,500 we are barely breaking even.  There is no Profit there.  No greed here.

Which is why we even offer you money off if you Edit it yourself to our specifications.   That way, it drains our resources less. 

We are putting this together as a Workout for us and to Attract the Best Screenplays out there.  You are benefitting from our Workout and the desire to find Excellent Material.  Have fun if you wish to do this yourself.


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