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Filmed Screenplay Readings Once a Week

Have Your Screenplay read by Professional Actors, filmed with the possibility of airing it on Malibu Television where "You Know Who, Lives in Malibu." By Publishing Your Screenplay this Way, it gives you an added amount of protection from people who would be inclined to just take it, and it gives you the possibility of getting it made without asking someone to read it. These are Professional Film Actors being Directed by a Professional Film Director, so you don't have to worry about what a Reader fresh out of Film School, who has never made a film or written a screenplay thinks about Your Screenplay. The Executive (Investor, etc.) can either watch it on VHS, on TV or listen to an Audio Cassette or CD on their drive to or from work at the Studios.

Our trusted Readers are All Film Production Crew Members in Key Positions who have used Screenplay(s) in the Full Length Production of a Movie that has been Released to Theaters and is available on Home Video.  They have no retirement plans or work in between films so it's good for them and us.  THEY ARE ALL SWORN TO SECRECY and are very good at keeping secrets.  They will not contact anyone without us talking to you and getting approval first.  However, these are people that know Directors, Producers and Actors who might be able to get your project done.  What did John Nash say, "As Long As it Benefits the Individual AND the Group, it's a Win-Win Situation." 

The Consideration Fee to be accepted for a videotaped Screenplay Reading is $75.

ONLY 52 Screenplays will be read in the first year and 104 will be read in the second year, but please do not send 1st Drafts. Send Screenplays you have faith can be shot with minor adjustments.

Please go to The Main Page to sign up.


By "Publishing" your screenplay, you are giving yourself an added measure of protection that goes beyond Copyright and WGA Registration. 

Submission Consideration Fee
Have your Screenplay filmed with Professional Hollywood Actors on videotape for submission to Malibu TV where the top decision makers in the motion picture industry live.  We do the promotion for you.   There's no better exposure!
Producing, Filming and Editing the SCREENPLAY READING on DV
It takes 10 days to put the whole thing together for you, so the price is very reasonable, especially since we are promoting it for you and it might save you from scraping together rent for the next 6, 7, 8 or more years while you attempt to get it made.  This is a service, a tool, to help you, your agent, personal manager, producer or whoever get it made.  There's no better exposure!
Additional Video and Audio Copies
Get copies to submit with your Screenplay to Distributors and/or Independent Investors so you know they are seeing it in the best possible light with top Actors reading it to them.  There's no better exposure!
Listing it in our Archives in Video Downloadable or Audio Files
Within the next year you will be able to contact a distributor, producer, investor and have them download the reading on CD for their ride to or from the office or Video for them to watch at home or in the office.  There's no better exposure!
Receive audio and visual credit for Sponsoring the Screenplay Reading.  Get your name listed on the credits of the Movie, on the Poster and in Ads related to the Movie.  There's no better exposure!
Actor Membership
Covers the cost of scripts and administration and since the Director of the MSRG has taught Acting for Film in New York at the Viacom Building in Times Square and Hollywood at the American Film Institute and in his own private workshop which has been noted in the Ross Reports and BackStage on both coasts for almost 10 years, you are basically getting a free class each time you come which actors pay $70 dollars for in New York.   There's no better exposure!


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