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All Actors are Screen Actors Guild (SAG) Actors who are Reading Screenplays as a Professional Educational Workout and as a Community Service for the Film Industry, especially those film industry professionals living in Malibu, California. 

This is a Group of Highly Professional Film Actors, in fact, possibly The Most Talented Group you will find anywhere in the World. 

So if your Screenplay is the Best and you want it to get Noticed and you are willing to pay for a Reading of it to help you get it noticed and/or made, you have no better choice of where to send it before anyone else sees it. 

It is Designed this way to Attract the Best Scripts to the Group.  That way, you can submit your Screenplay with the Reading to anyone who might back your Movie or buy your Screenplay and improve your chances of securing a Deal.   

20 Well Known Actors, 20 Actors who have been a Lead or MAJOR Supporting Role in a Movie released to Theaters and available on Home Video and about 60 Actors who are capable of being in the First two categories within a short time and who have the drive, dedications, professionalism, guts and passion to promote their own careers. 

This Group is not for Slackers or Flakes, you have to be talented and committed and great at promoting yourself and the Group as a whole.  If you want to be considered for a future opening as an Actor fo the MSRG, click on Qualifications.  The Members of the Group will be announced shortly.  Their names and background info will be listed here. 

If you see a Reading and want to contact the Actor's representatives, please send us an E-Mail.  It will be forwarded to the appropriate Actor for them to forward to their Agent and/or other Representatives. 

This is not a Fan Club or Dating Service and only E-Mails with a bonified and verifiable offer for work attached will be forwarded to the Actor who will have you contacted by their representative only.  

Please do not send any other E-Mails besides this or you will be blocked from further contact.  Send to info@screenplayreadinggroup.com with the Actor's name in the Subject Line.

The Well Known Actors who have said they will Read Scripts with the Group include John Savage, Cher, Nick Nolte, Mel Gibson, Linda Hamilton, Adam Sandler, Andy Garcia, Bob Balaban, Bo Svenson, Jeff Bridges, Richard Masur, Amy Weber, Michael Madsen, Sal Pacino, Sonya Eddy and the complete list will be published shortly. 

The Actors who have been a Lead or Major Supporting Role in a movie released to Theaters and currently available on Home Video include  Christopher Snell, Mark Lindsey Chapman, Tracey Reiner, Nicholas Paul Walker...

The Highly Talented other Professional Screen Actor Guild (SAG) Actors who will become Actors listed in the Other Two Categories in a very Short Time are...





Check back with this Page in the next Week or so for more complete information. 


Send E-Mail to info@screenplayreadinggroup.com addressing it to Webmaster, with comments about this web site.
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