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Bullshit financiers wasting your time wanting to tell their friends they are making a film so they can get a young, hot chick who isn't a Call Girl to do It with them.   And then never writing the check. 

Been There...Done That.

Family members and friends who want to help, but who don't have the money to risk or have no interest in the Movie Business.

Been There...Done That.

Get the screenplay to a Distributor who says they love the screenplay and will consider moving the project forward if you come back to them with Actors attached to the project, but they won't give you a letter saying what actors they will approve of.

Been There...Done That.

Agents who tell you to make an offer for the Actors asking price with money in an escrow account to back the offer, so you can get a distributor to make a deal so you can go to the bank for financing and who won't give your screenplay to the Actor unless you do this.

Been There...Done That.

Get the Go from an Investor with money just to have his lawyer or accountant blow the deal.


Submit it to the MSRG and get it read and videotaped and put on Malibu TV where either Celebrity Actors are involved in the Reading or could see the Reading and Attach themselves to the Movie, so you could take it to a Distributor and get the money from a Bank. 



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