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What did John Nash say, "As Long As it Benefits the Individual AND the Group, it's a Win-Win situation." 


Actors - Tons of Exposure and a Great Place to Work Out

Writers - Excellent Hollywood Actors Reading Your Screenplay can only help to get your Movie Made especially with the Promotion we are doing related to it to get you Exposure in the Safest Way possible.

Producers - It Should be Obvious.  In fact, you can bring us your Projects and if it passes our Readers and you have a Well Known Actor already Attached, we will give you a Discount to have it Read with the Group.   It's a Major Tool like a One Sheet or a Trailor to help get your Project Made.  

Crew - A Source of Income between Gigs so you Don't Panic from not having a Weekly Paycheck where you can Use Your Expertise to Everyone's Benefit. 

Agents & Personal Managers - Aren't you out there to Promote Your Clients.  This is a Promotional Service, a Tool, a Forum to help you Promote them. 

Development Executives - Send them to us before they come to You and it makes your job a whole lot easier.  Right?  Put your Reader(s) on set so they can actually learn something about how the blueprints work and they will be much more valuable by cross training them this way for the Future. 

Distributors - If you want to pay the Actors you might be able to negotiate a deal where you could put these Readings on the DVD.   That's up to you, SAG, the Actors and Us.

Investors - Get the whole story delivered to you by Professional Actors, so unlike a Trailor, you know what you are getting and since when someone says they liked a movie, they are actually talking about the the Screenplay and the Acting, then at least this gives you a better idea of the movie you are investing in which you can't get from a Trailor.


EVERYONE in the Industry Benefits Here especially the Audiences!


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