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Actors for the MSRG Must Be Screen Actors Guild (SAG) members to join.

Actors for the MSRG Must Have Appeared as a Lead or in a MAJOR Supporting Role in a Theatrically Released Film currently available on Home Video if you want to be part of the group for Free and not Audition.

Actors for the MSRG Must Be a Graduate of the Stella Adler Academy, The Actors Center in New York, RADA or the Moscow Arts theater or a Member of The Actors Studio itself to be accepted for a high priority Audition, although you must agree and sign to the terms and pay your administration fee below.

All others Must Audition and Pay $39 each month after they Audition and, IF they are accepted into the Group, on or before the 25th of every month for simple administration to be included in the Group to be paid on-line here.  If payment is not received by the 27th of each month, the Actor will be dismissed from the Group, creating the opportunity for another Actor who is on the Waiting List or who contacts the MSRG for an Audition to become part of the Group.

There will be about 60 not known SAG paying Actors who are paying for the Educational Opportunity of being involved in the Group, 20 Leads or Supporting Role in a Theatrically Released Film available on Home Video Actors and 20 Known by Everybody Actors.  The MSRG cannot think of a better Educational Opportunity with this kind of wonderful exposure for unknown SAG Actors.  

We want everyone to shine, so if you think you are the BEST and the Brightest in Malibu, Topanga, Pacific Palisades or if you are willing to Drive for one Full Friday every 5-7 Weeks or so, please contact us via E-Mail or Snail Mail to Audition.   Once we have 100 Actors, there will be No More, so Act Now.  If you want to become part of the Group and missed out, we will Audition you to be put on a Waiting List, but there will be no promises as to whether you will get in.

For the year 2002, you must be available from 9:30am-7:30pm Friday and sometime after 2003, you must be available either 9:30am-7:30pm on Thursday or on Friday.  You must be responsible enough to E-Mail us before Wednesday that week if you are incapable of being there for the Reading or you will be dropped.  You must be prepared to read through the script the day of the Read 3 Times; once for notes, second for Subtext Improv and Emotional Investment and the last time to be taped.  You Agree that you are doing this for Exposure and will not be paid and give The Malibu Screenplay Reading Group (MSRG) all rights available to you regarding the video and audio taping of the Reading.  You must provide an E-Mail address where you can receive a script with the role you are to do.  Because of the volume of people, do not try to reach anyone by telephone as all calls will go unanswered.  If you have a question, send an E-Mail by Tuesday night of that week and, if possible, you will be sent a response.   This is a Professional Group and we are as serious about doing this as if we were actually Making the Movie, so you are to be Responsible and leave Your Ego and Your Emotions at HOME.   We only want to see the Ego and Emotions of the Role you are portraying in reference to the SCREENPLAY.  You are going to be getting a tremendous amount of training out of this subsidized by motivated Writers and Producers who want to get their Movies made, who are not Funded and they might want you to Audition for the Movie when it gets made as a result of you showing up to do the reading for them.   And once this is clear, we can all have Fun. 

And if after All this, you still want to join, please do, we would love to have you. 

E-Mail info@screenplayreadinggroup.com to ask for an Audition and send your headshot/resume to MSRG at P.O. Box 1091, Pacific Palisades, CA 90272.  Click here to pay your administration, once you have been accepted into the group and don't worry, it's a Secured Server.

$39 a Month due by the 25th of the Preceding Month

Acting in Film Classes
The Director of this Program has been teaching Acting in Film in New York and LA for almost 10 Years, is listed in the Ross Reports and BackStage and has taught for The Screen Actors Guild (SAG) on Both Coasts.  If you have a group of 8-10 People that wants to take a class, a class can be arranged.   Send an E-Mail with the dates your Group would like to take the class.  As soon as 6 people from your Group have paid here, the class can begin.  The Director does Not like to chase money and would rather not teach, unless there is a committed Group.  Lateness and Hand Holding will not be tolerated here.  It could be One Day a Week or a Week Long Intensive.  Be responsible and...

Other Classes
If you are interested in Other Classes click on Other Classes.


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