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Our Proud List of Sponsors:

Charter Communications - Jeannette Scovill (President of 2001 Malibu Chamber of Commerce)

Henninger Media Services & Tribeca-Henninger Editorial (T.H.E. Tools) - Rob Henninger, President, is providing the Equipment.  When you need Editing for Feature Film and Television Shows, Go to Rob. 

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Writers Script Network (WSN) 

If you wish to be a Proud Sponsor of The Malibu Screenplay Reading Group, it costs $2,500 per screenplay reading.  Your name will be mentioned and if you Sponsor more than one Screenplay Reading, you will be listed here, on our letterhead, in all our literature, on the end credits of the film if and when it gets made through our involvement, on the Poster and in all paid Ads.   Additionally, if you have a product you want in the film and there is an appropriate place for it, you will have right of first refusal over someone elses Product.

Sponsorship reduces the cost of putting on the Screenplay Readings for the Writers so they don't have to pay so much.  Film Industry service providers are encouraged to sponsor since so many Producers, Writers and Actors will think of them for services whether or not their film gets made through the Program.  Currently, this website is Number 1 on at least 8 different Search Engines including AltaVista where it is Number 1 out of 44 million and the number of industry specific hits it gets each week has been over 7,000 in the past several weeks.  And at least 1 of every 5 households in Malibu has a Net Worth greater than $500,000.  Contact info@screenplayreadinggroup.com if you are interested in being a Sponsor or just purchase your Sponsorship by clicking the appropriate button below.

Use this Button for Corporate Sponsors for a Minimum of 4 Shows

for Individual and Small Business/Malibu Sponsorship for 1 Show

Web Changes

This is where we'll announce the most recent additions to our web site. If you've visited us before and want to know what's changed, take a look here first.

Right now everything is up for Grabs.  

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