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"Focusing Technique"

Learn How to Attract the Camera to You

TAUGHT BY A FILM DIRECTOR who has been making MOVIES for 18 Years

On Camera Adjustment Class for Professional Actors

Intensive Film Technique Workshop / $40 per Student per Class

Tired of Sitting on the Sidelines? What happens when you finally get your first break? Want to learn what it takes to do more than just one line? What happens when you get to your close-up? What is meant by an Attitude Shift? What is an Eye Line?   Mental, Physical and Camera Space?  How do I work with my Intensity?? Who are all these people and can’t they see I’m trying to Act here?

Film Technique Class for Actors who want to be more at ease in front of the camera. This class involves specific techniques and adjustments to be made to your acting in regard to the demands of a film set.

The camera doesn’t miss a thought, a motion, a breath. This class teaches you to focus your attention so as to draw the camera to you. You will work with scenes from a movie script, breaking them into shots, blocking, eye line concerns and the necessity to repeat the same lines and actions at the same intensity and with the same pacing for the wide, medium and closeups. It will teach you how to adjust your intensity when acting to a dot or a hand. It will make you familiar with what the call to blocking involves and who’s blocking it is. Why hitting your marks is necessary for you to stay in "focus" and how to keep your "focus" without moving an inch in either direction while doing it.

Learn to adjust your acting for a technical, film set environment. Be a professional.


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The Director has been teaching at SAG in both New York and LA and at the Actors Center in New York.  10% Discount for Bringing a Friend. 

iOn Location Workshopsi

Three Day Intensive Workshops comprised of 10 Students or more can be done in your area.  If you put together a group as a Group Leader and provide room, board, and RT airfare, the Director will travel to you to teach the class.  Group Leaders make $100 for each student over 10, so with 16 students or more the class will cost you nothing.  Each student is charged $40 a day.

Classes can be held in a Theater, Secluded Outdoor Location, In your Living Room or Outside Your House.   Auditing and Visitors to classes NO MATTER WHO THEY ARE is NOT ALLOWED.  THE CLASS IS NOT GIVEN FOR FREE.  The Director prefers a Theater where he can maintain focus and privacy, but understands if the cost is prohibitive.  Once a Group Leader has put together a group, they can E-Mail the Director to set a date.  You must arrange for the Director's travel by purchasing a RT Ticket, setting up a Car Rental and a Room.   It could be a Room in a Hotel, your Guest House, your House, an arrangement with another student, but must have a comfortable bed and private bath with a bathtub.  There is no Money Back Guarantee for On Location Workshops and all the money must have cleared the Group Leader's account two weeks prior to the Director's arrival date.  The Director will not use the ticket the Group Leader has sent until he receives at least half of his share of the revenue the Group Leader has collected.



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